Wildlife World Wooden Friendly Bug Barn House

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Wildlife World Wooden Friendly Bug Barn House


This innovative insect dwelling bug house offers multiple textures, crevices, and hollows, accommodating a variety of species. Ladybirds, lacewings, solitary bees, and even overwintering butterflies may take residence.

The split log design of the Bug Barn bug house, with an opening lid includes space to add nesting material like bark, straw, and dried flower stems. The thick, chunky walls provide ample insulation and a secure shelter for bugs.

Plus, this bug barn also includes bee tubes and drilled bee tubes, suitable for beneficial pollinating bees like Mason Bees and Leafcutter Bees.

All-new designs accommodate multiple insect species, crafted from FSC-certified timber from sustainable sources.

Ladybird larvae, who feed on aphids, will also appreciate the habitat. Place your Bug Barn bug house near lawns, sheltered flower beds, wooded glades, or even in planters.

Size: 24cm tall x 13cm x 14cm