Wildlife World Butterfly Barn House - Butterfly & Moth Habitat

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Wildlife World Butterfly Barn House - Butterfly & Moth Habitat


House & nurture butterflies in your garden with our new Butterfly Barn House.

As part of our new Barn Range, this habitat provides shelter for a variety of butterfly, moth and lacewing species. Its slatted design creates resting and sheltering opportunities for pollinators.

Access to the nesting area is possible through the recycled plastic door, allowing for cleaning and close observation in cooler temperatures.

Attract feeders by filling the reservoir at the bottom with a butterfly food formula, either by following recipes online, purchasing pre-made packets from our website, or simply serving sweet, over-ripe fruit.

The butterfly and moth house is crafted from sustainably sourced, FSC-certified wood and a recycled second-life plastic front.

The Butterfly Barn house is supplied in a gift-box and easy to assemble and maintain.