Wildlife World Anita Artisan Garden Bird Nester

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Wildlife World Shesali Artisan Garden Bird Nester

The artisan garden bird nesters are handmade to the highest quality finish using natural hogla grass and recycled saris.

(Hogla is a type of grass that abundantly grows in Bangladesh and is used as a material for baskets, cushions and placemats. Hogla grass regularly causes problems near the shores as it can overgrow whole harbors, rivers and ponds. This material is considered a weed and the local villagers remove it.)

Every nester is unique in colour! Each artisan chooses a colourful recycled sari pattern making every nester different, so the one you may receive may be a different colour / pattern to the one shown in the photo.

The Anita is the largest (dimensions 18cm x 15cm x 14cm) ‘Spherical’ model of our Artisan Wild Garden Bird Nester range. Spherical in shape it offers a larger cavity perfect for species of small garden birds who roost together. Offering a cosy place to roost during harsh winter months, plus in springtime, small birds may use this Fair Trade product as a nest.

The garden bird nester has a sturdy inner frame for support and strength. Attached are metal hooks at the rear and a long loop at the top to ensure you can fasten the nester securely. As a result, these make it easier to site the nester in the natural leaf cover and vegetation of ivy, bushes, trees or hedges. The nester has a small round entrance reinforced with steel. It is also slightly protruding to make it easy for birds to land and perch on.

Position the bird nester in a sheltered space to keep out harsh weather. Preferably face the bird nester between North and South-East. A warm, protected roosting space out of the prevailing wind can be a lifesaver for small birds during cold, harsh weather conditions.


The Artisan Bird Nesters are a World Fair Trade Organisation product. Purchasing a Fair Trade product helps both wildlife and people. In addition to giving a bird a nest, you’ll be supporting the Artisan workers in Southern Bangladesh who make them. Funding the survival of many women and their families from rural communities in desperate poverty.