Root !t Professional Heat Mat For Plants - Small (25cm x 35cm)

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This top quality horticultural heat mat for plants supplies uniform temperatures to seeds and seedlings, accelerating germination and cuttings growth.  It provides a more even heat than other solutions and generates 9 Watts of power.

This small sized version of the professional heat mat for plants measures 35cm x 25cm which can accomodate one standard sized seed tray / propagator.

The 9 Watt heat mat for plants aims to raise the temperature of the root area by 5-11°C above ambient temperatures to enable successful germination and rooting.

It is waterproof, resilient and perfect for rough, damp greenhouses.

This listing is just for the heat mat, however, a thermostat to manage even temperature control is available separately, as is an insulated mat to maximise the heat going upwards into the plant tray rather than downwards into your bench.

Please Note: This product listing is for the heat mat for plants only and does not include seed trays, propagators and plants shown in photos - these are for display only.